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Quality Assurance Unit

Samad Manufacturing and Industrial Company, by establishing international management systems, has increased customer satisfaction and also improved the quality of its services and products, as well as increased production and sales. The company currently has 4 international management systems, including: ISO 9001ISO 14001ISO 10002ISO 45001 and also has two mandatory standard licenses and one standard incentive license for the production of adhesives.

quality control unit

Effective interaction with customers, employees and other stakeholders to increase customer satisfaction Increase product diversity to meet growing customer needs and reach new markets along with increasing productivity and continuous improvement of knowledge, wisdom and skills of employees with a focus on developing creativity in business

Research and Development Unit

Continuous improvement of the quality of the company's current products Reduction of waste Optimization of production methods Reduction of production costs Design and production of new products in the adhesive, resin and polymer industry Design and production of raw materials required by the adhesive industry in the laboratory

HSE unit

The company's HSE unit, by creating a suitable platform for improving the productivity and excellence of the organization, has resulted in the following: Reducing direct and indirect losses due to accidents, targeting activities related to safety system management, health and environment. A suitable platform for continuous improvement of HSE management system in the organization Observing the issues of protection and safety of effective business environment Assessing risks and reducing them in order to control accidents Motivate employees by trying to create a safe work environment Provide appropriate training facilities and culture in HSE fields

Human resources management

Excellent and leading human capital in the field of Islamic ethics, up-to-date professional knowledge and technology with the ability to work in the world class, a model in the field of social accountability and stakeholder satisfaction, has a superior share in added value of industry products and services and is known nationally.

technical and engineering unit

One of the goals of the technical and engineering unit is to cut dependencies in the design, construction, execution and installation of foreign machines, as well as to provide services and support to production units in the company. Relying on its specialized and committed forces, this unit has been able to take valuable steps towards the development of Samad Industrial Production Company. This unit includes parts of process engineering, research and development, mechanics, facilities, electricity, information technology, instrumentation and industrial automation, calibration, maintenance (net) and machine building.

Production units

Development plans of Samad Manufacturing and Industrial Company

Samad Production and Industrial Company, as a leading company in the country’s adhesive industry, has very large production plans that are useful for the country’s production and can increase production capacity much. In this section, you can learn more about these designs and complexes.

Professional logistics unit

No matter where you are in the country, the logistics unit of Samad Production and Industrial Company will deliver your products to you in the best possible way.

Export abroad

Samad Manufacturing and Industrial Company, as one of the top exporters of this industry in the country, is ready to sell its products to other countries.


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