About Us

Samad Production and Industrial Company, a manufacturer of formalin, urea formaldehyde, resin and adhesive products, was put into operation in 1977 with the idea of ​​creating a change and influencing the production and quality of various industrial adhesives. The company with the vision of sustainable development and the slogan “Inextricable connection in Iranian industries” quality design, customer satisfaction, environmental and occupational safety and health systems based on the latest edition of ISO14001-OHSAS18001-ISO10002-ISO9001 standards in a way designed and implemented As an economic complex, Samad Company has put the satisfaction of stakeholders and continuous improvement at the forefront of its current and future processes, and in this regard, with strategic planning for learning, innovation and use of the latest scientific achievements, action. And expands its presence in the field of competition and sustainable development. In order to become the largest economic enterprise in the industry of producing water-based and solvent-based adhesives as well as producing various industrial resins in the production of chipboard and coating (UF-MF), formalin, urea formaldehyde in Iran and the region, Samad Production and Industrial Company in Intends to increase the production capacity of its products by 30% by 1400 compared to the existing capacity in 2017, 2

Quality assurance system

Establishment of quality assurance system to increase competitiveness in global markets Internal calibration services in quantities of pressure, temperature, mass, pH, percentage of oxygen, gases, viscosity, special conductivity for liquids and electricity. Industrial precision automation and monitoring equipment

Research and Development Unit

Continuous improvement of the quality of the company's current products Reduction of waste Optimization of production methods Reduction of production costs Design and production of new products in the adhesive, resin and polymer industry Design and production of raw materials required by the adhesive industry in the laboratory

Spray dryer unit

Equipped with three reactors with a daily production capacity of 25 tons of powdered urea formaldehyde resin, equipped with advanced knowledge and technology under license from Germany, having the brand name of Samino 800 powder

Blue-solvent-based adhesives

Adhesives produced by Samad Chemical Industries Company are divided into two groups: water-based and solvent-based adhesives. These adhesives can be used in wood and furniture industries, printing and packaging, cabinet plates (HPL coatings), leather and concrete, shoe, elastomeric insulation, automotive, and general uses.

quality control unit

Effective interaction with customers, employees and other stakeholders to increase customer satisfaction Increase product diversity to meet growing customer needs and access new markets along with increasing productivity and continuous improvement of knowledge, wisdom and skills of employees with a focus on developing creativity in business

Human resources management

Excellent and leading human capital in the field of Islamic ethics, up-to-date professional knowledge and technology with the ability to work in the world class, a model in the field of social accountability and stakeholder satisfaction, has a superior share in the added value of industry products and services. international.