Services of Samad Industrial Manufacturing Company

Samad Chemistry Laboratories is one of the most prestigious partner laboratories of the Standards Office, which has taken care of attracting and enhancing customer satisfaction by utilizing experienced and trained manpower and having the most accurate laboratory equipment and machinery. The quality policy of this company is to obtain customer satisfaction in all aspects by providing the best services in the shortest possible time, observing the principles of confidentiality, reliability and validation. Among the honors of this laboratory is the history of cooperation with the National Standards Organization for more than twelve years as a partner laboratory, participation in the development of more than thirty-two national standards, efforts to cooperate as much as possible with companies, industrial organizations and universities. . Establishing the requirements of the international accreditation system ISO / IEC 17025, membership in the Association of Associate Testing and Calibration Laboratories of the National Standards Organization, active participation in national and international standards development committees and holding training courses confirm the ability of this group to meet the demands and needs Is a customer.
Utilizing the engineering capabilities of experienced professionals with the existence of knowledge management software infrastructure as well as accurate laboratory equipment in accordance with the requirements of international standards, all are focused on assisting and providing the best possible services to customers.

Production of formalin and UFC

Samad Industrial Manufacturing Company is engaged in the production of formalin and UFC

Maritime exports

Samad Mashhad Industrial Manufacturing Company can operate in the field of marine exports in the Middle East and Asia.

Export to Asia

Samad Mashhad Industrial Manufacturing Company also exports its products to Asian companies through land transportation.

Our Services

Samad Mashhad Industrial Manufacturing Company is very sensitive about the services provided by it and considers it its duty to provide its services in the best possible way. The company has a clear policy and offers its services in these areas and ensures that customers are satisfied with us.