Formalin and UFC production unit

Formalin and UFC Production Unit

In this unit, using the best technologies in the world and in the best control conditions, the process of converting methanol to formalin and UFC is performed.

In this process, oxidation of methanol occurs in the presence of excess air and a catalyst. Oxidation of methanol is almost complete and by absorbing formaldehyde in adsorption towers, a formaldehyde solution with the desired concentration and characteristics is obtained.

In these units, also by changing the working conditions and injecting urea solution into the absorption towers, the UFC solution with the required concentration and the best quality is obtained.


Concentrated urea formaldehyde is a clear viscous solution containing urea and formaldehyde and a small amount of water.

It provides the highest commercial urea formaldehyde concentration available as a substance that is easy to use for several industries.

It is a chemical mediator used for many other derivatives based on urea-formaldehyde solution.

Form of urea or urea formaldehyde is a clear and colorless solution that is produced by dissolving formaldehyde gas in a solution of urea water and in special conditions in terms of reaction medium. The viscosity of this product is higher than the viscosity of formalin. Due to its stability, urea form can be easily stored despite the high percentage of formaldehyde and high percentage of solids in case of long storage time, and the low percentage of water in this compound reduces transportation costs.

Urea form (& nbsp; UFC) is transported in 220 liter barrels and 20-25 ton tankers.

85% urea form is stored in an environment above zero degrees and below 45 degrees Celsius and a pH above 6.5 with proper ventilation and should be kept away from acidic and oxidizing substances.

Form urea is a very good alternative to formalin. It is stable at room temperature.

Urea form does not need stabilizer and retains its properties for months.

Long shelf life, high solid content, good fluidity, low water content and transparency make it an excellent chemical intermediate for chemical / industrial purposes & nbsp; Put.

UFC can be used in most cases where urea and formaldehyde are required.

UFC 85


  • In preparing urea fertilizers:

Acts as anti-caking and prevents the formation of urea cake

Increases the strength of granules and prevents them from crushing

Uniforms the dimensions of the particles formed

No need to re-spray on granules

Causes materials to be slowly released into the soil and enter the soil, thereby increasing the shelf life of the fertilizer

  • In the manufacture of urea formaldehyde resins

UFC 70


  • Formaldehyde urea liquid resins
  • Powdered UF resins


UFC 70

UFC 85

Physical properties


Form of Supply



70.0 + – 1.0

85.0 + – 1.0

Solid Matter (% b.w)

50.0 + – 1.0

60.0 + – 1.0

Formaldehyde (% b.w)

20.0 + – 1.0

25 + – 1.0

Urea (% b.w)



7-9 (adjustable to specific need)




Density (20 0C , Kg / Lit)

Beyond 3 months

Stability Point


Formaldehyde is the simplest member of the aldehyde group and its chemical formula is HCHO. Formaldehyde, although gaseous at room temperature, dissolves well in water.
Formaldehyde is usually marketed as a 37% aqueous solution called formalin. Formaldehyde in polymerized water contains small bonded HCHO monomers. Formalin usually contains a small percentage of methanol to limit polymerization. Formaldehyde has the same properties as other aldehydes.

Formalin is packaged and transported in 20 liter cans, 220 liter barrels and 20-25 ton tankers.

  • Used as a precursor in the manufacture of many compounds:
  1. Production of resins:
  • urea formaldehyde resin
  • melamine formaldehyde resin
  • phenol formaldehyde resin
  1. It is also used in the production of chemicals such as pentaerythritol, hexamine, paraformaldehyde, MDI, etc.